• only requires a webserver, PHP and MySQL 1
  • open-source (MIT License)
  • have total control of the files you share
  • create as many folders and files as you want 2
  • easily share files with other people
  • download files from other sources into sharecloud
  • multi-user capable with each user having his own quota


  • intuitive and responsive interface
  • utilises modern browser capabilities
    • Drag & drop
    • AJAX upload
  • localisations available
    • German
    • English

File management

  • unlimited file size 3
  • preview files 4
  • file details
    • checksums
    • number of downloads
    • specific information related to the type of file
  • multiple share permissions available
    • share with everyone
    • share with everyone having a certain password
    • private access only
1. Check the requirements page for further requirements
2. The amount of files is limited by the server's storage
3. Maximum file size may be limited by your PHP setup
4. Only with supported file formats - functionality may vary depending on your PHP setup